Should You Sell Your House Before You Buy?

October 19th, 2014

Sell your home Fast Price Reduction-560-wide.jpgTo sell or not to sell your house before buying, that is the question. We are back to the chicken and the egg. But this time there is an answer to the riddle.

What often happens, is that buyers start house hunting just to look (just peaking), not to buy. Well, as night follows day, they fall in love with a property, put in an offer, and it's accepted. The buyers are now in a bit of a real es ...

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Dollars

January 19th, 2014

Professional Real Estate Photographer.jpgWhen it comes to selling your house, yes, pictures are truly worth a thousand dollars and more. Don't believe me? Redfin, a well respected Seattle technology driven real estate brokerage, studied this and published the results. In their article, they focused on using DSLR (Digital, Single, Lens, Reflex) cameras versus point and shoot. Redfin's conclusion was that for homes priced between $200 ...