About us

Mike Alleyne

Snip of puppies and me.JPGHere I am with my two dogs, Sophie and Padre on part of the Canada Trail and just a 5 minute walk from Panorama Ridge, Surrey. I truly love living in Surrey, BC and all it has to offer. I was born in Montreal, and as a young man headed west and originally settled down in Jasper, Alberta.

While in Jasper, I worked for Parks Canada for 16 years and eventually became the Liaison Officer for the town. In this role I became well versed in by-laws, the community plan, and the housing and business infrastructure needs of the community. This is where I first learned so much about real estate, town planning, and development. I thoroughly enjoyed this position and it sowed the seeds for my future career in real estate.

Despite enjoying Jasper, I always dreamed of living by the sea and a milder climate. My wife was from Tsawwassen, and she also wanted to move back from Alberta to be closer to her family. So in 1997 we moved to BC and I will never leave this beautiful province. The mild weather here allows me to fully enjoy the community and in particular, nightly dog walks in the many parks in White Rock, South Surrey and Panorama Ridge.

Cavell Lake snip.JPGHere are my kids Jessica, Jake and Erik bravely heading in for a dip in glacier fed waters in Mt. Edith Cavell lake on a visit back to Jasper.

Before becoming a realtor, I spent many years in sales. Most of those were spent on “inside” sales, serving customers throughout North America. I had great working relationships with my customers which I enjoyed, but they were voices of people I usually never met. I’m definitely a people person and thoroughly enjoy my career as a realtor because I get great satisfaction working face to face with people to assist them with their real estate goals.

The community of Surrey also has all the amenities to allow me to continue sports activities as a big part of my life. Although, I had to give up hockey (the spine just couldn’t take the impact), I continue to play tennis, golf and also play on a slow pitch team at Joe Brown Park in Surrey.

Janet Gulbransen

Mike has a real passion for real estate and helping clients and in 2011 I decided to join his real estate team.

I grew up in the little enclave of Beach Grove in Tsawwassen. The houses and lots in this area are generally on the smaller side and virtually everyone in Beach Grove knew each other. The streets and houses in Beach Grove had a simple but quaint plan ... put the streets in alphabetical order -- Beach Grove, Compston, Duncan, Enerby, Farrel, Gilespie. I absolutely loved my childhood in Beach Grove, it was wonderful. We ran around barefoot and our parents only came looking for us when the sun started to go down. Times have really changed.

We moved back to Tsawwassen in 2000 when the kids were young, and we lived in the Pebble Hill area. All toll, I spent 25 years of my life living in Tsawwassen and know it very well. Tsawwassen has a special place in my heart.

Real esate is a second career for me. In my first life I was (and still am) a chartered accountant. I was in public practice for many years and then moved on to a management position in industry. This strong financial background really helps me with real estate and trend analysis.

We currently live in South Surrey and I really enjoy the community here. There are so many things that we enjoy doing and the seaside community has everything to offer. We can easily visit the kids (two are living downtown), go to a play, watch a baseball game or go for a walk with the dogs. I often meet my girlfriends for dinner in the White Rock area to get caught up on each others lives.