Mortgage Rate Quote

Welcome to our Mortgage Rate Quote Tool

We have a very cool tool up our sleeve ... it's a mortgage rate quote tool. You can shop for a mortage rate right here on this page.

When enbarking on the journey to buy a home, knowing your price range is one of the first steps. It's like making any other major purchase: what is your budget? The difference is that Canadian bank lending practices are very stringent. Banks will not loan for a home purchase outside of your affordability. Please read our buyers guide for insight on mortgages and other things to consider when buying a home.

If you'd like to prepare yourself a little prior to your appointment with the finincial mucky mucks we have an exciting tool that will get you a preliminary mortgage quote in an instant, maybe faster. It's Simple Simon to use, and there's no commitment, just all good info for you.


We also recommend you try our powerful mortgage calculators that tell you your maximum mortgage amount, what your mortgage payments will be and much more.

Build-A-Mortgage is a very powerful and unique tool. It allows you to go into stealth mode and get a preliminary mortgage rate (shop for a mortgage rate) without fully disclosing your personal details. It's the only tool of its kind in the Canadian mortgage industry. So let's recap -- it's unique, it's powerful, it's free.