COMING SOON! 804 11910 80 Avenue, Delta - 1 Bed - Chancellor Place

May 30th, 2019
Check back soon for details of this new listing coming soon at 804 11910 80 Avenue. "Chancellor Place" 1 Bedroom, 1 bath corner unit. Reno's done in 2019. 890 Sq Ft plus enclosed balcony (Not included in the floor area). Concrete construction. Underground parking Great location with lots of shopping and restaurants. Amazing view. One of the best run complexes in the area with amazing amenitie ...

Prepare Yourself for Mortgage Renewal - A Cautionary Tale

February 23rd, 2016

My daughter, Jessica, recently received her mortgage renewal papers in the mail. As the end of her first mortgage term grew near, the bank had automatically sent her paperwork for another 4 years.

Jess said her proposed new mortgage rate was 5.3% for four years. I thought I'd misheard, or maybe her young eyes were deceiving her. Maybe she needed her dad's new trifocals. Surely, she must have m ...

Announcement of 25 year Maximum Amortization slows real estate sales

February 23rd, 2016

Financial analysts in Ottawa have been eyeing the hot condo market in Toronto and other Canadian cities with concern for some time.
To cool things down they made changes to amortization periods for government insured mortgages. The history of the changes to these mortgages are:

  • From maximim 40 years to 35 years in 2008
  • From maximum 35 years to 30 years in 2011
  • From maximum 30 years to 2 ...